Vision Therapy

What is it and how we help?

What is it?

Vision is a learned skill, varying from person to person and influenced by experience. Most importantly, it can be enhanced with guidance and training.

Helps children who:

  • Skip words when reading or frequently loses their place
  • Have difficulty copying from the board at school or aligning numbers in proper columns
  • Have difficulty with spelling or their writing may be slow or sloppy

Helps adults who:

  • Have lost visual skill due to a stroke or head trauma
  • Have blurred or double vision
  • Have an extreme sensitivity to light
  • Experience confusions that limit their ability to do normal activities effectively


How does it work?

Vision therapy is usually done once a week, but can be done twice a week if this suits the patient or parents. Classes are 50 minutes long, which include five to seven training activities. The doctor and therapist will guide you through each activity to ensure the most is gained from your efforts. Prior to the program, a consultation is necessary to evaluate the patient and discuss your personalized goals and expectations.

Who will help me?

Drs. Yorkgitis and Grieneisen have advanced training and study in vision therapy, having both attained fellowship in the College of Optometrists in Vision Development, which is the certifying board within optometry. They have helped hundreds of children and adults improve their vision skill and quality of life.