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Does my insurance cover your services?

We do our best to assist our patients in receiving their full insurance benefit allowance, however, it is important that you understand as much of your particular plan as possible. Please let our staff know about your insurance when scheduling an appointment and bring all insurance information with you.

Insurance for eye and vision care generally falls under one of two categories: Vision care/eyeglass plans provide coverage for uncomplicated routine eye exams and may include a benefit package for eyeglasses or contact lenses.

Medical health insurance plans provide coverage for medical examination and treatment of the eyes and eyelids. Examples of medical conditions that would require filing a medical insurance claim instead of a vision plan claim for the examination might include conjunctivitis, dry eyes, glaucoma, diabetes, cataracts and macular degeneration.

Participating providers (in-network) generally accept a patient’s deductible or co-pay as well as the insurance reimbursement for payment for services and materials.

Non-participating providers (out of network) accept full payment for services and materials from the patient, and issue a receipt which the patient can use to seek reimbursement from their insurance company up to their benefit allowance.

There are other types of extended visual evaluations that are more functional than medical in nature and require more time and the special expertise of our doctors. Therefore, they are not covered by either medical or routine vision plans:

Low Vision Evaluation
Pediatric Developmental Vision Evaluation
Visual Training Evaluation

Our doctors often perform these special evaluations at the request or referral by another health care provider, state agencies or school districts. Payment for these services is expected at the conclusion of the evaluation.