Contact Lenses and Eyewear

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Let’s go fishing!!  We are excited to announce that we are now a Certified Costa and Costa Rx Dealership!  Stop in to see the latest sunglass styles and hats.

What are my options?


We carry a wide range of styles, from the latest designer eyewear to many popular standard frames. Our experts make the process easy and fun. We are excited to announce that we are now a certified Costa and Costa Rx dealership!

Contact Lenses

With steady advancements in design, most people can be successfully fitted with contact lenses, even those with astigmatism or a need for bifocals.


Make a fashionable statement while keeping your eyes protected from UV rays in the summer. Designed for all ages, sunglasses also provide glare protection on snowy days.

How do I choose?

Whether you prefer glasses or contact lenses, be assured that we will give you the best possible vision. After a thorough examination, we will assist you in choosing which lenses are most suitable for your visual needs.

Contact lenses are a great alternative to wearing glasses full-time, but they also carry certain responsibilities. If you prefer contacts, we will make sure you receive the best-fitting lenses. For new wearers, we will provide thorough instructions for the handling and care of your lenses. An instruction class that takes about 30 to 40 minutes allows us to assure you can insert and remove your lenses on your own. After a week of trial wear, the doctors will assess your progress and then order you a supply of lenses.

What brands do you supply?

We offer a variety of brands, styles and special lenses. It is an honor to provide our clients with a number of eyewear options, but we also pride ourselves in providing the best quality products available. Quality is based on durability, comfort and hinge strength.

What happens if I cancel my contact lens order?

If the contact lenses you ordered are returnable (custom contact lenses are not) there will be a $5.00 restocking fee per box (disposable), per vial (glass vialed soft) or per lens (PMMA or RGP in flat packs or screw down case). This fee will be deducted from your refund.